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ODA - Create/Delete Database in Command Line

This article explains how to create Database with OAKCLI commands in Oracle Database Appliance.

CREATE Database
I'll create database on 2 nodes with ODA  as a single instance.

1- We have to run command on first node. If execute command on Node 2 then you can receive the following message.

When you run the command to seek the root and oracle password. At the same time we will determine the SYSASM password.

oakcli create database - db ozgurdb

2- Choose the type of database, OLTP or DSS or In-Memory (Oracle 12c New Feature)

3- I choose that single instance or RAC database. I select EE (1)

4- Which we determine to do the installation on Node.

5- We determine the value of RAM and CPU compared to the use of the database.

6- Finally, we can start using it and wait until the end of operation.

Let's check database processes (Like SMON ...)

ps -ef |grep smon

We can do the same process for different versions of Oracle. (Oracle 11g / 12c)

For Oracle 12c CDB 
oakcli create database -db ozgurcdb -version -cdb

For Oracle 11g (Database Home)
oakcli create dbhome -version

DELETE Database
Execute delete command in the first Node.  It will ask the root,oracle and the SYS password.

oakcli delete database - db ozgurdb

Now It  will be done . End of this process we can check database process.


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