28 Temmuz 2017 Cuma

Oracle 12c Lab 4 : Clone PDB From Remote CDB with DB Link

STEP 1: PDB Read Only

SQL> alter pluggable database PDBCDR close immediate; 
SQL> alter pluggable database PDBCDR open read only;

STEP 2: Create DB Link

create database link pdbcdr _lnk connect to SYSTEM identified by Oracle3 using ''; 

STEP 3: Create PDB With DB Link

create pluggable database pdbcdr _rmt from pdbcdr@pdbcdr _lnk file_name_convert=('/disk2/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/','/disk2/app/oracle/o radata/orcl/remotedb');

SQL> select name, open_mode from V$PDBS; 
NAME                  OPEN_MODE 
PDB$SEED                  READ ONLY
 PDBCDR                    MOUNTED 
PDBTST1                    READ WRITE

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